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  Support for the ARiUSB (Amateur Radio interface)

--> Wires-X support hookup with a ARiUSB <---

After you purchase the ARiUSB you'll be asked to join my new
groupio for News, Updates, Discussion and Help!
This is for the ARiUSB products and new owners only.

For GPIO Control and hookup. The original page is no longer there please see the link to that page can still be seen.
Click on the Dec 31, 2017 link on the calendar for that page. 
 Let me know how it works out for you!
Here is a re-print in html format if your having trouble with above link. Allstar-and-gpio-fan-script

The COR Led is used for troubleshooting the COR this signal and is software controlled.
It will let you know COR it receiving HIGH or LOW going.
It is independent and regardless what the input is on J1-7 of the ARiUSB
The code for the COR led can be edited. Edit your rpt.conf file go to just below line 906 [eventsXXXXX] to line 911 remove the semicolons from both lines that refer to:


replace both with GPIO5 for both save the file and reboot the COR led should now light up when a signal is received.
Great for troubleshooting issues with COR.

***If you have another device that uses the CM108.119 based audio interfaces other than mine just un-comment and leave as you found it,
save the file and reboot

USB power is filtered with Hi, Low pass filtering.
All settings are software controlled with little to no adjustments.
Knowledge of Electronics, Computers and Linux is required to interface this device.

Main Chip
With new chip using the CM119A sound chip like most sound fobs bought, bought to be modified,
this is kind of middle road, simple, small and inexpensive. Designed after a modified USB Audio Fob.

Components used in this device should give you years of service as is there are NO Electrolytic Capacitors to leak or dry out!
all caps are Tantalum and Ceramic.

Linux and Windows* compatible (*may need driver for windows as CM108), Also will look like a regular Audio In/Output Devices for all OS's

Click and see the New Ham's Project Page of Node they built from the ARiUSB! Thank you all!

Interface connection is a standard 14 pin .100 x.100 centers for common ribbon or wires cable to what ever connector you need for hookup to
your RF System. Labels of each connection is imprinted on the bottom copper layer.
This is the connector I used, the link is for information only ClickHere
A fair crimping tool is available here at a reasonable cost of $22.00 for comparable pins

The Connector kit is also available here at a reasonable cost of $24.99
for comparable connectors
and you will have extras for other projects!


Pin assignment

Allstar Signals DMK-URI-DB25 Alinco HobbyPCB RS-UV3 ARiUSB

DB25 Female DB9 Male DB9 Male .100 x .100 center
COR 8 1 5             J2-7 (COR)
RX AUDIO 21 4 1             J2-9 (LOUT)
GND 19, 20 5 3             J2-11,12,13,14(GND)
PTT 1 7 2             J2-2 (PTT)
TX AUDIO 22 9 4             J2-8 (MIC)

        *J2-1 (+5)USBPOWER
I/O 1

I/O 2

I/O 4



            J2-10 (ROUT)
NO MORE THAN 500 milli-AMPS!

Current version of the schematics ariusb-v1.5-sch.pdf

Past version of this device. Ver 1.1 support PDF

**COR LED is now currently active in Allstar builds when updated.

Troubleshooting Hints

Make sure you have at least a 2.5A supply going to your Raspberry Pi!

Please make sure you are connected to pins on the ARiUSB, as above.
there is also a good diagram of the connector as well as being marked on on the bottom of the board.
Also make sure you have a good GND and check the USB power for 5V on pin 1

Basic hookup from the ARiUSB

1 - 5VDC Limited to 300mA!!!
2 - PTT (to radio)  ----> Goes (LOW) when Active
7 - COR (from radio)<---- from a signal on the radio that goes (LOW) when SQL is opened
8 - MIC (from radio) <---- from a line level output from the radio usually coming from Discriminator before going to the Audio Amp 
9 - Lout(to radio)  ----> to MIC input on radio
11 thru 14 are GND

**Radio-less Node board that will plug directly on top of the ARiUSB allowing you to connect to an external local speaker
and Mic on your radio bench with your other equipment. - (9/12/18)




*** If you are in need of a project. I am now going to offer PCB Board service to help build your project board. ***
Give me an email and will talk about your project!


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